Divergent Lifestyles

So what is a divergent lifestyle?

Kind of like an alternative lifestyle, actually. But on this blog, we’re going to say it’s a full lifestyle – food, dress, exercise, in other words, anything you’d normally find on a lifestyle blog – but for people who live alternative lifestyles to the mainstream.

What does that mean? We want to show that just because you want to live healthy and talk about food and exercise doesn’t mean you have to give up what makes you…YOU. This is a lifestyle blog for people who do not want to follow the crowd, but want to share their experiences with the world. We want to open the world’s eyes to show that there isn’t only one way to live a life. All paths are valid, and we can live our lives just like everyone else…but just a bit differently!

So keep your eye on this blog. We’ll be posting about makeup (for the genderqueer, for drag, for whatever tickles the fancy), food, exercise (that doesn’t involve the possibly humiliating, degrading, or frightening trip to the gym), and whatever else seems of interest to those of alternative lifestyles.

In the future, we will be inviting many contributors to the blog, from many different lifestyles. If you are interested in a contribution, please contact Gabriel at kingnightangel[at]gmail[dot]com.


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