How To

Makeup for Male Presenting Persons

Some of us have feminine faces, and it’s difficult to “pass” as male, whether we are doing drag or just going about our daily lives. For those of us not taking testosterone (and T won’t always change facial features, depending on how a body responds to the hormone), makeup may be one option for presenting slightly more masculine than usual.

Makeup is tricky. Sometimes it can be rather obvious that a person is wearing makeup, and this is not always desirable. Generally speaking, most men don’t go about their daily lives with makeup on (although, of course, there’s nothing wrong with anyone wearing makeup, if that’s what they want to do!). I sympathize; I don’t particularly like wearing makeup, though I do for performances as both male and female.

But should you find yourself needing to “masculinize” your face, there are a few YouTube videos that can help. Some go over the top and look too obvious (useful for stage, not so much for the office). I have made my own video for a less obvious look (though since I was going out, I gothed it up a bit; that’s optional). I have routinely been mistaken for a man using this exact look, even with my long hair. I have also included another drag king video that I believe is slightly more believable (our techniques are very similar).

I must apologize for the quality of my video. We’re saving up for a new video camera, so this is what we got in the meantime.

My video (shameless self promotion):

Second video:


Here’s the image I used in my video for contouring:

Featured image photo credit: SidPix via photopin cc



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