diverging; differing; deviating.

pertaining to or causing divergence.

(of a mathematical expression) having no finite limits.


Divergent Lifestyles is a blog for those who want a lifestyle blog…but follow a different path in life. Here at DL we welcome the queers, the alternatives, the weird. We offer advice for those trying to improve their lives, in whatever way they want to live them. Food, exercise, advice, makeup and style advice, and more…but with your own lifestyle in mind.

There are no limits, there is no default setting on this blog.

Important Note: This blog does not contain medical advice. We are not doctors, and are not responsible for your choices or actions. Always talk to your doctor before changing your health regimen. Advice given on the Internet should always be discussed with a qualified medical professional. We do our best to offer the best information we have, but it is up to you and your doctor to decide what is best for your health.


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